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Books of Note

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Yah, yah, I know, I’ve been lollygaggin’ and work-shyin’ and leaving all my lovely spammers in Tamil Nadu with nothing on which to post spam but old reviews. I’ve not even been all that busy, except when it comes to slapping on weight and destroying some neural connections, both of which I’ve done with glazed-eyed indifference and robotic monotony. Still, I feel I owe it to GDR to at least put Shantaram to bed before I buy (whoops, sorry, already done) and read his next book, The Mountain Shadow, which even now is winging its way to my door by the magic of Amazon Prime Same Day DeliveryTM.
It turns out that GDR was indeed a bit of a knob. He robbed building societies in Australia, always dressed in a three-piece suit and minding his Ps & Qs, and only targeting those with adequate insurance. How he knew which did and didn’t have adequate insurance is not mentioned. On the back of this, or maybe it was the other way around, his wife kicked him out and he lost contact with his only da…

The Red Men by Matthew De Abaitua

Seven months – a pretty reasonable turnaround for a review if you ask me. Of course, no one asks me. I’d be worse at hitting deadlines than Karl Ove Knausgaard, of whom most definitely more later (much later). But then of course I’m busy binge-watching the autumn programming on Amazon Prime Video (other content streaming services are available) and co-managing a chaotic household of at any time up to seven children (not all mine I hasten to add, and at least I know most of their names, yeah, de Pfeffel?). I’ve also been quite absorbed by banging my face into a coffee table at the incredible contempt the British people seem to have for politicians who appear to have morals and integrity, and their ability to be won over by a man whose own contempt for the common people caused Stewart Lee to append quite a few pseudonymous adjectives to his already ridiculous name; Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake Bumboys Vampires Haircut Wall-Spaffer Spunk-Burster Fuck-Business Fuck-The-Famil…