Competition time at Metaliterature

In a fit of boredom, I have decided to launch the inaugural Metaliterature Bespoke Review Competition here at Metaliterature! One (or more - I haven't decided yet) lucky person(s) will get a specially written and personalized review of a typically great book. Fancy your chances of winning? Then here's what you do:

1) Look at these stunning photos of a few randomly chosen bookshelves in my house (if you can't read the titles, get some glasses you myopic curmudgeon, or simply click for an enlarged view)
2) Pick ONE book from the literally tens of great titles
3) Go to Twitter and follow @themightybuch and let him know which you choose

The winner(s) will be picked at random, and I will then write that lucky person a personalized and thoroughly entertaining review of their chosen title.

"Fuck me, that sounds brilliant!" I hear you say. Don't be a tit. Still, it'll while away a tedious afternoon for me. All that's left is for you to get in touch! Don't be shy now. Ah go on. Go on etc etc.

Disclaimer: I do not promise to have actually read any of these books and will certainly not do so if you pick such a book. All reviews are to be published on this blog and relentlessly plugged until read by at least two different people, after which they will be gently steamed and served with black rice and edamame beans.

Sadly, for those just finding this most excellent competition, it is now closed. In fact, it may never have opened in the first place, such was the interest (or lack thereof) shown in the prize.
GBD 8th October 2012


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